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Hotel Le Meridien

Route Nationale 2 Charpentier 
Cayes, Sud, Haiti HT8110

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Haiti: +509 29 42 7025

USA: 001(617)202-8069

WhatsApp: 001-617-202-8069

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/888luckybeer

Hotel Le Meridien
Cayes, Haiti

Upon arrival, you will receive a Free Honeymoon Welcome Gift from the Hotel Le Meridien

Memorable Honeymoon

Planning an exotic Wedding or Honeymoon ...

Stay in a beautiful, quiet and family run Hotel. Enjoy the complimentary breakfast, fresh air and sunshine.  Book Your Room Today!


Honeymoon Special ...

Leisurely breakfast in bed ...

Wake up to the smells of fresh coffee, tasty goods and savoury breakfast --- it's heavenly to enjoy in the comfort of your bed and pyjama.

Romantic Dinner ...



Special Itinerary Packages ...

#1. Honeymoon Botanic Garden Picnic tour
How about a romantic picnic with the basket, blanket, and bottle of wine provided by Le Meridien hotel?


#2. Honeymoon Horseback Ride tour
During this romantic ride perfect for honeymooning couples, you will be amazed by the multitude of colors of this garden, creating a picturesque landscape of the beautiful botanic garden.




#3. Honeymoon Marie-Jeanne cave tour
Located in Port-a-Piment city, at about 61 km from the city of Les Cayes, the Marie-Jeanne cave is the longest one of not only the country, but also of the Caribbean.


Historical and geological uniqueness
According to some researchers, the formation of this underground structure dates back nearly 60 million years. Archaeological traces and engraved signs on the limestone and silica walls, as well as symbols and hieroglyphs, would date from the pre-Columbian.  Guided tours will explore the first 3 levels. They last between 1 and 4 hours, leaving enough time to venture into and explore the depths of this unique tourist attraction.


#4. Honeymoon Fort des Oliviers tour
This tourist site is an important historic heritage in St-Louis du Sud city, at 34,7 km east of Les Cayes city. It was built by the French people to confront the English during the colonial era. Facing this fort, on the other side of the sea (on Ile des Anglais), you’ll be able to visit the remains of the English ships and also the remains of the catholic churches which are more than 300 years old.


#5. Honeymoon 500 Marches tour
500 Marches de la Médaille Miraculeuse" meaning literally (500 steps to the Miraculous Medal), dedicated to the Virgin Mary, have become a popular pilgrimage site where thousands of pilgrims and tourists flock to these stairs to satisfy their spiritual needs.